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About Me and RV Detectives









Chris Hamblen 

I am an honorable U.S Army veteran.  I grew up in a military family where my father, who was career Air Force, and worked in both intelligence and electrical engineering, taught me about mechanics and electrical at a young age.  Following in his footsteps I spent several years in the Army, as both an active duty soldier and as a civilian employee in the areas of a heavy machinery operator, military police and as a special agent within the Criminal Investigation Division (CID). 


With over 20 years of investigative experience, both federally and within the private sector, I possess astute observation skills as well as a keen eye for detail. I was held to a very high code of ethics and had to produce a high quality product.  Performing RV Inspections allows me to combine all of these varying skill sets to go with NRVIA's code of ethics and NRVIA's standards of practices.


Owning an RV is a serious investment. Over the past several years there has been a huge increase in first time RV owners. An inspection will not only help to educate owners, but more importantly will evaluate the safety and numerous operational systems on-board your new or used RV. My mission is to protect your RV investment. As the buyer, the detailed inspection will help you make an educated purchase decision, by giving you the information to negotiate with confidence. If you’re the seller, the unbiased, thorough inspection report will help you assure your customer that the RV they are purchasing from you is a great match. RV’s can look great on the surface, but there can be many hidden issues that a quick glance can’t detect. I want you to make lasting memories in your RV, rather than fall into an unforeseen money pit!


I look forward to helping provide you with as many details and as much information as possible so that you are empowered to make the best RV choice for you and your family!



  • NRVIA Certified RV Inspector

  • RVTAA/NRVIA Registered RV Technician

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